1. Activity Submission

  • You are required to submit your GPS links / Screenshots through the Activities Submission Form. Details such as “Map”, “Split time”, “Elapse time”, “graphs” is compulsory.
  • Submission timeframe – Please submit your GPS link within 1 week / 7 days. Any activities submitted after 1 week may be deemed invalid and not contributed to the total mileage.
  • Your activities privacy settings must either set as “Public” or “Viewable by friends/connection”
  • Non-workout / non-outdoor related activities will be deemed invalid, such as walking during working hours and also inside the shopping mall.
  • For treadmill workout, you need to record the activity using your device with “indoor tracking” mode. Photo taking of treadmill activity will be deemed invalid.
  • Upon submitting, your submitted activities will appear on section “Check Submission history”(password needed), along with the status below:
  • Verification status

    Verified activity is verified, will reflect your total mileage soon.
    Duplicated duplicated activity, won’t count toward your total mileage.
    Rejected activity is rejected with a reason, won’t count toward your total mileage.
    Link issue unable to open/access the link submitted, you need to resubmit or provide us with the correct link.
    Privacy issue We do not have the privilege to view/access your activity.
    Pending for confirmation Pending on runner’s action.


2. The MINIMUM distance of each activity

Minimum distance

Outdoor run 2KM
Treadmill/indoor run 2KM
Trail run 2KM
Outdoor walk 2KM
Indoor/working hour walk Not accepted


3. The Challenge

  • This is a 100 days challenge.
  • Participants who are unable to complete the challenge within the stipulated period are considered DNF (Did Not Finish).
  • There is no “withdraw from event” option…you will automatically DNF once you fulfilled the condition above, in other words, it is entirely up to you to stop or continue to progress.
  • The minimum distance for reward/gift is 500km within 100 days.
  • There are 2 types of competition every participant can compete for, you may refer to below table for more information:
  • Competition type:

    The Farthest

    (All your activities from 1st day until the last day of the event will be counted)

    The Farthest Top 3 Male
    The Farthest Top 3 Female


4. Others

  • We will not disclose your GPS link.  If you insist on being remained as private, we will deem you are not interested in being competitive and you will not be entitled to any TOP prizes.
  • Finisher’s entitlement will send via PosLaju courier service upon event finish. You should be able to receive your entitlement around 7 to 14 days (within Malaysia), it might take longer for international courier.
  • For those who wish to collect your finishing goodies manually from us in Klang Valley area, please refer to the Event information tab.
  • For those who opted for courier, please make sure you provided the correct address / address format, any bounce back parcel with incomplete / wrong address will be keep inside our store room until the correct address is provided…a RM10 will be charge as admin fee for the resend of your bounce back parcel.
  • You are required to complete atleast 500KM within given event period.
  • This is a Virtual Run Event, only outdoor running/walking activities are allowed. Non-workout related / non-outdoor activities will be deemed invalid, such as walking during working hours and also inside the shopping mall.
  • Minimum distance to submit your activity at least 2KM.
  • Activities shall be submit through the Activity Submission option GPS links & Screenshots available.
  • Privacy settings of your workout need to be set as Public to allow our admins to review & verify.
  • For screenshots submission, details of Map, Distance, Split Time, Elapsed Time must be display clearly, please refer to sample screenshots.
  • Ranking and Distance will be update on daily basis at 11:59PM.
  • Participants who are unable to complete the challenge within the stipulated period are considered DNF (Did Not Finish).
  • The Organizer reserved the right to implement new rules if the certain activity(ies) is/are found to be abusing the loopholes of the event T&C or taking advantages at the expense of other participants.  The announcement will be made together with the effective date of such new rules.